Recently I found a blog discussing the concept of making the classroom a makerspace. To me a makerspace is where students can express their ideas and creatively work on projects.  Makerspaces allow students to look at projects as a way for them to express their creativity. In the blog I read instead of the teacher having students just read stories about bullying, she had students think and create something that they thought would be most beneficial to students in a school.

I would like to make my classroom a makerspace by allowing students to think freely. I know my subject area is math, but I think if I asked some open ended questions students would be able to think creatively by building whatever they wanted. I could ask questions about architecture in a trigonometry/algebra class. There are questions that I could ask students that would have them thinking about math in a new way instead of just them sitting at their desks doing a work sheet.

All classrooms should be thought of as makerspaces because it allows students to think creatively as students instead of them sitting at their desks all day, not really thinking and creating, just memorizing and copying notes. The classroom can be so much more than worksheets and notes.

If you would like to read the blog that I read you can click here. I think this is a really great start to thinking about how we change the classroom to a makerspace.


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