Looking at new platforms to teach with!

I have been looking at a new platform that I think could beneficial to my students. This platform is called Edmodo. Edmodo is a learning management system or LMS. This website works just like social media, which this would be good since most high school students live through social media. They can post questions for me to see and answer, but I can also post homework, quizzes, and tests for my students to do. I think this is a great platform for students to use to do so because they can take it on the go. It is a free application and there is also an app that students can put on their smart phones so they can questions whenever.

Edmodo would be a great website for me to use because of my flipped classroom approach. I can easily upload any notes or anything I need students to review before class. As a teacher there are also a lot of resources I have available to me to make my flipped classroom the best that it can be.

I also like this LMS because there is a grade book option right on the website. This way I can upload grades onto the website so parents and students know their grades at all times. I also like that we can take tests on the LMS, this way as a teacher I will never misplace a students work nor can the student lose their work.

Edmodo is a great tool to help keep everyone organized. I also like Edmodo because there is a large online community for students to look for answers and to get extra help if they ever need. One of the most important things I liked is that I can add groups into my classroom online. So if different class periods are working on different things, then I can upload documents that are only related for a certain period or if I have different groups in class I can make sure that all students in my class have everything they need.

If you would like to check out Edmodo, you can do so here.


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