Podcasts: Are they useful?

For those who don’t know a podcast is an audio clip that can be downloaded on the internet. Typically a podcast comes continuously in a series. Podcasts can especially useful when it comes to the classroom. In my classroom, podcasts will be utilized to make sure that students who are absent are still on top of lessons and any homework assignments they may have missed.

I can use podcasts this way by recording my voice and the stuff I write on the board together. What I mean, is I can solve problems on the board and have my smart board record it, while I talk and try to explain every step along the way. This way students who didn’t come to class that day are still able to watch and learn how to do that days lesson.

Also podcasts can be exceptionally helpful if I ever have to miss school for a workshop or teacher meetings, my substitute teacher will know what is going on because they can also watch the video and get informed on how the lesson is going to work. Also instead of having a substitute teacher teach my students a lesson, I can just use a podcast to teach the lesson when I am unable to be there.

I think podcasts can be very useful for parents as well. This way parents can see what their child is learning in the classroom. I can also use the podcasts to make sure parents are up to date with anything important going on in school. It’s a useful tool that can help me get all the information out there.

Podcasts are definitely a tool I plan on utilizing constantly in my classroom. But I think that podcasts are more important for what is going on outside the classroom and to keep everyone up to date on what is going on.



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