Two awesome websites to use in class!

I have found two awesome websites that I think Trigonometry teachers should look into using. These two websites can really come in great help with students who are struggling and need extra practice or if a teacher wanted to use these sites to assign homework, teach lessons, or watch videos.

The first website is the This website has great videos and problems for students to do. I think teachers should utilize this website because teachers could show the students the videos they have on the website in class. I think this might be a good start with any topic you are going to discuss. It would be the starting point. After showing the students the video, a teacher could go more into depth showing the students how to solve the problem. But if a student needed later, they could go back to the site and watch the videos. I also like this website because it is free for teachers and students to use. A teacher can make an account and add their students, this was students can keep track of their progress but the teachers can too. This is also a good site for students to do problems on because if they get stuck it offers hints and videos that could possibly help a student get through whatever struggle they are having on the problem. Here is the link to the Khan Academy.

My second website is I like this website because they break down each section with a ton of notes and pictures so students can understand. I also think this is a great tool for teachers to utilize because there are multiple questions at the end of each section. When a student gets the answer the wrong, it not only tells them the right answer but it goes into detail as to why that is the right answer and shows a student how to solve the problem. I think that this would be a good tool for students and teachers to utilize as a notes sheet or extra help if a student needs. Because they cannot make an account of the website, this would be a good tool for teachers to use in class as work time problems. They can have students work on it, once every one is done have the students go over it altogether. Here is the link to math is fun.

I think that both of these websites could be a great tool for teachers to utilize. I know I will definitely be utilizing them in my classroom!



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