EZY Trigonometry

I have found an app that I think my students should really look into using. The app is called Ezy Trigonometry. This app helps students further understand the trigonometric functions and the unit circle. I believe this would be a great tool for students to have if they are struggling on homework, because instead of just having to imagine the unit circle or try to draw it themselves, it is on the app and interactive so they can look for any angle that they may need to find.

This app can also be a great study app because it gives all the properties that go along with the trigonometric functions. A student can go on the app and just look them up. If they do not rely on the app at all times, eventually they will start to memorize the properties.

This app would be ideal for a student who is struggling in this topic area. The unit circle is one of the hardest concepts for a student to grasp. When I was in high school I had to visualize everything in my head, but students will now be able to have everything right in front of them to play with and utilize.

This app would really help students understand and remember for this particular section. The app is free, which makes it even better.

If looking for the app in the apple app store, again the name is Ezy Trigonometry by KGiants. I really recommend checking it out if you or your student is struggling in the class.


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