Digital Citizenship

Recently I read three articles having to do with students and how they can be better citizens on the internet.

The first article discusses why and how students should make sure they are being as safe as humanly possible on the internet. The biggest thing I had learned from this article was the 9 P’s. I think this is a really great way for students to remember what they should do to protect themselves on the internet. The 9 P’s include passwords, privacy, personal information, etc. Here is the link to this article.

The second article brings up the fact that no matter what adults tell teenagers, teenagers are always going to be on social media. In this age, it is almost impossible to know a student who does not use social media one way or another. Instead of just telling students that they shouldn’t go on social media, teachers and adults should tell students how to use it responsibly. Students need to know that what they post now can affect them when they apply to college or jobs. Link to this article.

The third article I read is the one I learned the most about and is a huge lesson that all students need to learn. That lesson would be all about cyber hate. Because so many students are on social media cyber hate is going to occur. Students need to know that when it does occur they can fight it. There are five different ways the article says to fight cyber hate, don’t support the hate, report it, support the victim, speak out, and engage in activism. These are five things that students need to know because there is a very high chance that they will experience cyber hate. Whether they are the victim, the one doing it, or just a witness. Link to this article.

These are all important lessons that teachers should reiterate to all their students. It is not enough to just be a good citizen in their day to day life, but it is important to be a good citizen on the internet as well.


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